Kansas City's Publicly Owned Fountains

Kansas City’s unique and varied water sculptures and statuary do more than give our neighborhoods and public spaces vitality and a special sense of place. Each fountain commemorates and celebrates the visions, deeds, and generosity of generations of Kansas Citians who helped make so many of our collective wishes come true.

The KCMO Parks and Recreation Department maintains
48 (technically 50) publicly-owned fountains ensuring they operate properly, stay beautiful, and last forever. Two
additional fountains are managed by KCMO City Hall but are outside the KCMO Parks Department’s jurisdiction.

The City is home to an extensive collection of fountains; some ornate, some simple, some playful, while others are elegant and stately. Over time, these artworks have become treasured members of their neighborhood, offering a poignant view of its history, legacy, and culture. Many possess unique water features that add wonderful charm to their immediate neighborhood.

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