Northland Fountain

This fountain located in Kansas City’s Northland is one of the few fountains that runs year round, designed by local, Larkin & Associates in Engineering. It has also been called the “Spirit of Cooperation,” because it illustrates the unified effort of the public and private sectors worked together to achieve a common goal. Its benefactors range from Farmland’s $30,000 contribution to a three-cent donation from a schoolchild. An 80′ circular base contains a center geyser which can propel water to a height of 35′. In winter it becomes an ice sculpture attracting people to view the varied shapes created by the frozen water.

The Northland Fountain is one of three KCMO Parks fountains that remain on year-round.


North Oak Trafficway and Vivian Road, Kansas City, MO





City of Kansas City, Missouri, Parks and Recreation

The City of Fountains Foundation holds an endowment for this fountain.