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Like other great cities of the world, Kansas City has been beautified by numerous public and private fountains, monuments, memorials and sculptures. With more than 200 registered fountains, Kansas City is believed to have more than any city except Rome. The relative abundance has gained us the moniker “City of Fountains.”

The earliest fountains were erected to provide water for animals and were evident as early as the 1870s in private parks and residences. Materializing as their own attraction in the late 1800s, Kansas City’s fountains remain timeless works of art that can be found throughout the city. Hidden amongst tree-lined neighborhood streets and often tucked into courtyards and gardens, these masterpieces have been enjoyed by passersby for more than 100 years.

Multiple fountains have been donated to Kansas City by community members, while developers have invested in others. Flaunting allegorical equestrian sculptures, mystic sea horses, and joyous children at play, these fountains enchant locals and travelers alike.

Currently, the City has 48 publicly-owned fountains and more than 200 registered fountains recorded. 
Engrained into the City’s culture and identity, even inspiring a city-adopted logo, interest in fountains originated during the
City Beautiful movement of the 1890s. 

Since the first streams of sparkling water spouted across a concrete pond in the middle of The Paseo Boulevard in 1899, our communities’ collective desires and aspirations have been reflected in the fountains.

Fountain Day 2019
Delbert J. Haff Fountain

Fountain Day 2018
Spirit of Freedom Fountain

The City of Fountains Foundation provides guides for group tours throughout the city. For more information, contact the City of Fountains Foundation at info@cityoffountains.org or by calling (816) 842.2299.

Hop on a bike, jump in your car, or just put on your walking shoes. In no time at all, you can visit and reflect on the beauty of some of Kansas City’s loveliest fountains.

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