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Quenching Cup

Quenching Cup

Unveiled in May 1997, the ‘Quenching Cup’ by Buster Simpson merges abstract art with practical design. This unique fountain, depicting a hand holding a paper-like cup, is both a piece of art and a source of serene water flow. It invites the community to reflect on the blend of everyday utility with aesthetic beauty.

Our History

The City of Fountains Foundation (COFF) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1973 to promote and advocate for public fountains, sculptures and monuments in the Kansas City area. The Foundation assists in the development of public fountain and sculpture projects; and raises funds and holds endowments to help maintain, acquire, construct, relocate and conserve these landmarks for which Kansas City is famous.

Events & Outreach

Fountain Day 2024

We are immensely grateful to the wonderful people of Kansas City and our esteemed city officials for their unwavering support during Fountain Day 2004. Your enthusiastic participation and generous contributions helped make the event a resounding success. This day not only celebrated the beauty and history of our city’s fountains but also highlighted the spirit of community and collaboration that defines Kansas City. Thank you for helping us honor and preserve these magnificent symbols of our city’s heritage.

Fountain Day 2024 Art

Celebrate the beauty of Kansas City’s fountains with an original watercolor by Alex Hamil, capturing the iconic Northland Fountain on Fountain Day 2024. This 14″ x 20″ watercolor on paper is a stunning representation of the fountain’s elegance. Not only will this artwork enhance your space, but 40% of the sales are also donated to the City of Fountains Foundation, supporting the preservation of our historic landmarks.

Sculptures & Monuments

Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy

A massive representation of the Divine Mercy image of Jesus Christ. This stainless-steel sculpture is 25 feet tall and weighs 4 tons. It stands on top of an 8.5-foot-tall concrete base. The sculpture is so tall that the artist built a lightning rod into it.

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Fountain City Wheat by KC Bier Co

To support the preservation of Kansas City’s fountains, KC Bier Co will donate a portion of the bier’s proceeds to the City of Fountains Foundation.

The special packaging for Fountain City Wheat features four fountains from around the Kansas City area, as well as a map of Kansas City’s fountains. Vanguard Packaging collaborated on the package production, and graciously donated part of the cost of materials in support of the fundraiser.

Fountain City Wheat is available at Kansas City Metro area and Lawrence, Kansas retail locations in 6-packs and on draught while supplies last.

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