Shoal Creek Parkway Garden Fountain

Shoal Creek Parkway Garden Fountain

In the median of Shoal Creek Parkway just north of NE 87th Street and a few blocks north of Highway 152 sits this fountain. The fountain features three large saucers composed of what look like giant, overlapping leaves. Water shoots out of the top in four directions into the top saucer and the water makes its way through the gaps between the leaves down to the pool below.

The rectangular pool is approximately 40 feet long and is bordered by cut limestone blocks. The pool is flanked on the east and west by landscaping, usually plants and flowers, creating the garden. The entire pool and garden are surrounded by a border made of stone blocks.


Shoal Creek Parkway and NE 87th Street, Kansas City, MO

Designer / Artist

Burns & McDonnell




KCMO Parks & Recreation Department

Each side of the obelisk is marked with a metal star, except the west face which has the War Mothers’ emblem and the the years 1917 and 1918 inscribed. The south face has a blue star that is dedicated to those who served, the east face has a gold star symbolizing those who died in the war and the north face has a white star for those who were wounded. Each of the starred sides also has a military saber inscribed on the face underneath the star. On each side of the obelisk at the top is an eagle carved into the stone.

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