Midtown Fountains

Many of Kansas City’s Midtown fountains are tributes in remembrance of those who worked tirelessly to better their community, those who vowed to protect their community, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Located a few blocks east at Spring Valley Park is the Bernard Powell Memorial Fountain. Known for the slogan, “Ghetto or Goldmine, ”Bernard Powell was a civil rights activist who worked for community empowerment and investment in the Prospect corridor. He became interested in civil rights work at a young age joining the NAACP at age 13 and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the March to Selma, Alabama. Powell received numerous honors, including “Outstanding Man of the Year” by the National Junior Chamber of Commerce and the National Jefferson Award for public service.

Located at West 31st and Broadway stands the larger-than-life bronze Firefighters Fountain and Memorial. Spurred by the tragic death of six Kansas City Fire Department firefighters in 1988, this memorial pays tribute to the City’s men and women firefighters and memorializing those who gave their lives in the line of duty.

Located further south at Gillham Road and Harrison Parkway is the Eagle Scout Tribute Fountain. This massive structure once stood over the Seventh Street entrance to the Pennsylvania Railroad Station in New York City. Once billed as “the largest structure in the world devoted solely to the use and convenience of railroad passengers,” it graced travelers and commuters from 1910 until the station closed in 1963 until the building was demolished. The structure was later brought to Kansas City in 1966 by local businessman and National Boy Scout executive John W. “Twink” Starr.

Additionally, you will find the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fountain, One Sun/34 Moons, Fountain Basin, Joy of the Waters, Noguchi’s Fountain, and the Parkway Towers Fountain before heading into the Country Club Plaza.