Stratford Gardens Fountain

As part of J.C. Nichols’ efforts to beautify and improve the Country Club District, he placed this fountain on a triangular park near 63rd Street and State Line Road in 1927. The lower basin is an antique horse trough made from Carrara marble that reportedly was first used in a public square in Rome. The smaller trough resting above it was used for human consumption while they waited for their animal to drink. Both troughs are decorated with ornamental fluting


West 63rd Street and State Line Road, Kansas City, MO



1927, Restored 2017


Stratford Gardens Homes Association

Water fills up the smaller trough and moves into the larger horse trough through two openings. There used to be an opening in the lower trough thru which water would discharge into the stone-lined channel and move down to a reflecting pool. This fountain had fallen into disrepair and was not in operation for a while but in early 2017, the Stratford Gardens Homes Association had the troughs restored and the fountain repaired and it was put back into service that spring.

The City of Fountains Foundation holds an endowment for this fountain.

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