Pratt Memorial Fountain

Pratt Memorial Fountain

Across the street from the North Kansas City Hall in Dagg Park is where the Pratt Memorial Fountain is located. It is dedicated to the memory of Emma J. Pratt and Dorothy M. Pratt. Emma Pratt was the owner and operator of the historic Clayton Hotel in North Kansas City. Dorothy Pratt was a political worker and community leader in North Kansas City.

In 2015, all of Dagg Park underwent a major renovation. The fountain was included in this renovation. The fountain was given much-needed repairs to the fountain and basin. A safety grate was installed in the basin to keep people from falling in. The area around the fountain was changed from a closed-in landscaped area to an open area covered by a pergola and featuring many benches that integrates the fountain into the rest of Dagg Park. Dagg Park was officially reopened, and the fountain was put back in operation on May 28, 2016.


Dagg Park, Armour Road and Howell Street, North Kansas City, MO

Designer / Artist

Homer Williams (architect)


Dedicated April 23, 1992; renovated 2015-16; re-dedicated May 28, 2016


City of North Kansas City

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