Porch Lights

Porch Lights

This sculpture sits on a traffic island shared by the cities of Prairie Village and Leawood. It was designed with the consideration and approval of both cities through an inter-local agreement with equal advantages from both cities.

“Porch Lights” is constructed of saw-cut limestone from Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, and backlit molten glass of different colors. It has a copper roof on the stone structure that will age with a green patina. The island around it is enhanced with landscaping to provide a warm welcome and act as a gateway to the Historic District of Leawood. It was commissioned to be a “coming home” to north Leawood. It was designed to be reminiscent of the stone homes of the Historic District of Leawood, the original development of Leawood.

Leawood began as a city around the end of World War II giving the theme of “coming home” further significance. During WWII, it was common practice to leave porch lights on to help soldiers find their way home. The sculpture’s glowing colored glass evokes memories of this practice. The shape of the sculpture is also reminiscent of the “V” symbol signifying victory and, later, peace.


Somerset Drive and Lee Boulevard, Leawood and Prairie Village, KS

Artist / Medium

Dennis Reynolds / Limestone, molten glass and copper


Dedicated May 27, 2009


City of Leawood

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