Pompeiian Urn

Pompeiian Urn

This six-foot tall marble urn sits on top of a pedestal in the middle of a large, oval traffic island on Wenonga Terrace in Mission Hills. It was originally part of a fountain in the “Pompeiian Room” in the old Baltimore Hotel, once one of Kansas City’s premiere hotels, when it opened in 1899. The urn had a ring of water jets inside it, and it stood in a large water basin. It was once considered one of the best examples of Pompeiian architecture in the United States.

When the hotel closed in 1939, the owners presented the urn to J.C. Nichols for use in beautifying the Mission Hills area. In 1940, Nichols placed the urn at its current location. The fountain elements were never installed after the relocation.


6600 Wenonga Terrace, Mission Hills, KS

Artist / Medium

Unknown / Marble


1899, relocated to present location 1940


City of Mission Hills

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