Na Nex Se

Na Nex Se

AKA Lenesi

Na Nex Se was the wife of Chief Black Hoof of the Shawnee Tribe. After Black Hoof’s death, Na Nex Se remained on her family’s 18 acres and continued to farm it and raise cattle and pigs with much success. She was also the second signer of the 1854 treaty that ceded 1.6 million acres of the Kansas Shawnee Reservation to the United States Government.

Her example of hard work was a source of inspiration and gave her an elevated status by the people of the area. This led to the City of Lenexa being named after her. “Lenexa” is a derivation of Na Nex Se. It is hoped that by honoring her with this statue, she can continue to inspire people as she did so many years ago.
The statue was dedicated to Joan Bowman who, like Na Nex Se, inspired those around her and her community through her dedication and hard work. She showed tireless effort for causes such as education and finding opportunities for the disabled. Her inspiration led to her being elected and serving in public office for over twenty years.


Lenexa City Hall, 17101 West 87th St. Parkway, Lenexa, KS

Artist / Medium

Kwan Wu / Bronze


Dedicated February 2004; Relocated to current location in 2017


City of Lenexa

This statue was originally located at the former site of Lenexa’s Municipal Complex and City Hall on 87th Street and Monrovia Street. When City Hall moved out to the new Lenexa Town Center west of Renner Road in 2017, the statue was moved to the new location as well. It is located between Lenexa City Hall and the parking garage.

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