Modern Communication

Modern Communication

The artist, Terry Allen, believes that “work should raise question.” With that belief, he sculpts bronze businessmen that are known for their tongue-in-check social commentaries. This particular businessman is standing on top of his briefcase with his tie is covering his eyes, he has his fingers in his ears and his right shoe is in his mouth, blocking out the world around him. He represents no one and everyone, attracting as many interpretations as there are people passing by him every day, challenging people to think about how good modern communication actually is.

This sculpture has been around the Kansas City Police Headquarters for its existence. It was at one time located in front of the police station. It is currently located between the Kansas City Municipal Courthouse and the KC Police Communications Center. From Locust Street, you need to go up a set of stairs or the ramp and it is between the entrances to the two buildings.

Part of the City of Kansas City’s One Percent for the Arts Program.


1111 Locust Street, Kansas City, MO

Artist / Medium

Terry Allen / Bronze




City of Kansas City, Missouri

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