Married Love

Married Love

The figures of Sir Winston and Lady Clementine Churchill are seated on a garden bench. The figures are bulky, larger-than-life sculptures. They sit in a small courtyard at the corner of Wornall Road and Ward Parkway, across the street from the Intercontinental Hotel and Diana. The courtyard contains two flagpoles, one with the United States flag and one with the flag of the United Kingdom. There are two benches with ornate bronze armrests. In the back of the courtyard, behind the sculpture, is a recording box. If you press the button, it plays a recording of Winston Churchill giving a speech.

This sculpture was commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Miller Nichols specifically for this location. You can see the number of people and organizations that provided funding on the picture of the plaque. The artist, Oscar Nemon, had known Winston Churchill for 30 years and had created a smaller version of this sculpture for Blenheim Palace, where Churchill was born and married.


Country Club Plaza, Wornall Road and Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO

Artist / Medium

Oscar Nemon / Bronze


Dedicated May 12, 1984


City of Kansas City, MO

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