Leawood City Park, 10601 Lee Boulevard, Leawood, KS

City of Leawood

Nate Fors

Dedicated May 15, 2004

Steel, metal, cable

Kansas City artist Nate Fors was commissioned by the City of Leawood to create an art piece to sit near the entrance to Leawood City Park to be enjoyed by children as well as adults. Fors took his influence from his love of music and his large record collection. A 40-foot high pole represents the spindle of a record player. Seven 56-inch metal disks painted in bright colours resembles old vinyl 45rpm records. The random placement of each disk is interwoven with an illuminated cable forming a large scribble of light. Fors, who loves puns and word play, scrambled the word “lollipop” to come up with the title of this work.

In a way, “Lllooppi” is two works. In the daytime, it can be seen as seven different abstract paintings jutting from the steel pole in different directions. At night, it resembles an abstract line drawing in different colours.