Just Imagine

New Theatre Restaurant, 9229 Foster Street, Overland Park, KS

New Theatre Restaurant

Graham Lane

November 2000

Stainless steel, fiberglass

In front of the New Theatre Restaurant sits this large egg-shaped object. There is a figure sitting on top of the object. On the side, there are two figures with one giving the other a boost to try and get to the top of the object. Each figure is wearing overalls and appear to be young boys. There is an opening on the side of the object. The interior of this opening is lined with lights that change colours.

There used to be a fourth figure reclining inside the opening. However, it had gotten damaged beyond repair. When the New Theatre Restaurant remodeled in early 2015, it was decided to remove the reclining figure.

The egg-shaped object is made up of overlapping stainless steel triangles that have been welded together. The object is approximately thirteen feet tall and ten feet wide. The opening on the side is three feet in diameter.