Invincible Spirit

Invincible Spirit

The supporting structure of the “Invincible Spirit” bronze sculpture is a tree trunk with a branch curving upward. A life-size adult Eagle appears to have alighted on the uppermost part of the branch. The Eagle has a wingspread of 48″ and its body measures 14″ wide by 28″ high. The right foot is resting on the branch and the left foot is in midair. Below the adult Eagle is a typical Eagle’s nest of many intertwined sticks. The nest is about 20″ in diameter. There are two eaglets in the nest; one has its mouth open. The adult Eagle does not appear to have anything in its mouth to feed the baby Eaglets. The overall color of the sculpture is brownish and the beaks of the three birds are a brighter more golden color. This is a signed piece by the Oregon Naturalist sculptor, Lorenzo E. Ghiglieri.


Country Club Plaza, 400 Nichols Road, Kansas City, MO

Artist / Medium

Lorenzo E. Ghiglieri / Bronze (sculpture), granite (base)




Country Club Plaza KC Partners LLC

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