House Dreaming

House Dreaming

This large, red abstract sculpture is in the Midtown District in the historic Longfellow Neighborhood. It evokes architectural space like the works of Alexander Calder and Kenneth Snelson at Crown Center.

It was commissioned by the Morgan Family Fund of the Greater Houston Community Foundation. The sculptor, Steven Whitacre is a professor of art at the Kansas City Art Institute where the Morgans’ daughter, Catherine Asher Morgan, earned her bachelor’s in fine arts in 1998. Additional funding was provided by the Greater Downtown Development Authority, Kansas City Parks & Recreation and the Gillham Row Homeowners Association.


Triangle Park, McGee Trafficway and Gillham Road, Kansas City, MO

Artist / Medium

Steven Whitacre / Painted steel


December 4, 2005


Gillham Row Homeowners Association (sculpture), Jackson County, Missouri (park)

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