General Andrew Jackson

General Andrew Jackson

AKA Andrew Jackson

The statue depicts Andrew Jackson in his role as a General in the United States Army as he rides his horse through the battlefield. His head is bare so that the viewer can see more of Jackson. He holds a telescope in his right hand to be able to further survey the area. His left hand holds the reins of his horse. He is armed with his sword in its scabbard.

It is a smaller replica of the sculpture of Andrew Jackson at the Jackson County Courthouse in downtown Kansas City. It was funded by surplus funds from a bond raised for the new Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City and was presented to the courthouse in Independence by Harry S. Truman. It was originally located on the east side of the courthouse but was relocated to its current location on the west side in 1976.


Historic Truman Courthouse, 112 W Lexington Avenue, Independence, MO

Artist / Medium

Charles Keck / Bronze (sculpture), red granite (base)


Dedicated December 26, 1949; relocated 1976


Jackson County Parks and Recreation

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