Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy

A massive representation of the Divine Mercy image of Jesus Christ. This stainless-steel sculpture is 25 feet tall and weighs 4 tons. It stands on top of an 8.5-foot-tall concrete base. The sculpture is so tall that the artist built a lightning rod into it.

The statue made its debut at the Eucharist Family Rosary Crusade at Kauffman Stadium on May 25, 2008. After that event, it was installed near the intersection of NE 73rd Street and N Church Road along Interstate 35 in Kansas City, Missouri where it became a very prominent and noticeable landmark for drivers on the highway. In November of 2008 it was relocated to its current home.


Divine Mercy Park, 3800 NE Davidson Road, Kansas City, MO

Artist / Medium

Dale Claude Lamphere / Stainless steel


Debuted May 25, 2008; Installed at original location 2008; Moved to current location November 2008


Divine Mercy, LLC

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