Court of the Penguins Fountains

Court of the Penguins Fountains

In Country Club Plaza, these bronze penguins reside in the Court of the Penguins on Nichols Road between Pennsylvania Avenue and Jefferson Street. They are in the center of the courtyard and are flanked by fountains to the east and west.

The courtyard was created as a part of a renovation and remodeling of this part of the Plaza in 1979 to create more public space. The fountains and sculpture were installed as a beautification effort for this area. Miller Nichols once saw 8-inch-tall versions of the penguins, made by local artist Arthur Kraft, in a colleague’s private collection and wanted large versions for the new courtyard and the Court of the Penguins was born.

The large versions were cast after the artist had passed away. They are each around 5 feet tall. Each penguin has its wings outstretched in different poses as if they are talking and playing with each other.


Country Club Plaza, 511 Nichols Road, Kansas City, MO

Artist ~ Meduim

Arthur Kraft ~ Bronze


Installed June 1, 1942


Country Club Plaza KC Partners, LLC

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