Corps of Discovery

Corps of Discovery

Corps of Discovery honors the Lewis & Clark Expedition and overlooks the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers. The sculpture is situated on top of a round, tri-level marble base. The sculpture features the figures of Meriweather Lewis; William Clark; Sacagawea, their Native American guide; York, Clark’s African American servant; and Seaman, Lewis’ Newfoundland breed dog. The group and some personal articles, such as monogrammed trunks, are perched atop some rocks. Lewis is at the top, holding a telescope. Clark is on the south side of the sculpture holding a compass in his outstretched right hand.

A nameplate at the foot of each figure indicates who that figure represents and the years they lived. A quote by Thomas Jefferson from the year 1813 is inscribed around the lower level of the base and it reads, “Of courage undaunted…And fidelity to truth…I could have no hesitation confiding the enterprise to him.”

The sculpture is approximately 20′ tall and 18′ in diameter. It sits in the middle of a large brick plaza, that also doubles as a parking area for West Terrace Park and nearby Case Park, at the intersection of 8th and Jefferson Streets.


West Terrace Park, West 8th Street and Jefferson Street, Kansas City, MO

Artist / Medium

Eugene Daub / Bronze and marble




KCMO Parks & Recreation Department

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