Cloud Gate

I-Lan Park, 12601 Nall Avenue, Leawood, KS

City of Leawood

Jesse Small

Installed May 2011

Mild galvanized steel

The City of Leawood Arts Council and Art in Public Places Initiative commissioned this sculpture by Jesse Small specifically for this location because of his intimate knowledge of the Orient. It is the focal point of I-Lan Park, which was developed to honor I-Lan, Taiwan, a sister city to Leawood.

The Asian-influenced “Cloud Gate” is constructed of mild galvanized steel with a matte silver and grey finish. The top portion of the gate is cut into lace-like clouds and each corner features groups of cut steel representing lanterns. It stands 21 feet tall and 19 feet wide.

The piece is placed so as to be an inviting entrance to the park and it opens from east and west allowing visitors to walk through the 12 foot wide opening. Passing through the gate represents the social implications of the gateway serving as an open exchange or connection between Leawood and Taiwan.