City Employees Memorial

Ilus W. Davis Park, E 11th Street and Locust Street, Kansas City, MO

Kansas City Parks & Recreation Department

Kwan Wu

Relocated to current location, 1998


The City Employees Memorial honors those people who lost their lives in the line of duty as employees for the City of Kansas City, Missouri. The memorial consists of four pillars, each consisting of three blocks of grey granite stacked on top of each other. Three sides of each pillar are smooth while the west face is rough. The name of the memorial and the names of the 200 employees who lost their lives are etched into the pillars and the text has been painted black.

The pillars are set into a wide sidewalk on the east side of Ilus W. Davis Park along Locust Street. The wide sidewalk is made up of grey granite pavers. Surrounding the base of each pillar are six black granite pavers as a contrast to the sidewalk.

It was formerly located at the old Federal Courthouse location in downtown Kansas City.