Boy and Frog Fountain

Boy and Frog

In front of Starbucks and near the intersection of Nichols Road and Central Street is the location for this amusing little fountain. It is an original work by Raffaello Romanelli. It was purchased for the Plaza in 1928 by John C. Taylor, who was the Chairman of the Board for the J.C. Nichols Company.

A bronze sculpture of a nude boy stands in the middle of a marble basin. He has his hands up with a look of either surprise or delight as he looks down at the frog spraying water up at him. The marble basin is held up by a faun sitting on top of a dolphin. The faun has a rather distressed look on his face either from the weight of his burden or from missing out on the fun the boy is having above.


Country Club Plaza, 302 Nichols Road, Kansas City, MO

Designer / Artist

Raffaello Romanelli


Purchased 1928, Installed 1929


Country Club Plaza KC Partners, LLC

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