Avanim Vetseiadim

Avanim Vetseiadim

Internationally known artist Ilan Averbuch was commissioned by the City of Leawood specifically for this location due to his intimate knowledge of the Gezer Region of Israel informed by his heritage and experience. Gezer Park was created to honor Leawood’s sister city relationship with the Gezer Region. The striking ladder-like sculpture rises out of a long pond on the east end of Gezer Park and is the focal point of the park.

The water in the pond is seen as the “sea of the unknown.” The ladder, made of steel and recycled granite and 22 feet tall, is a human tool allowing us to step into realms beyond our normal reach. Put together, the sculpture represents our search to understand the unknown while our desires reach out for more than what we have.


Gezer Park, W 133rd Street and Mission Road, Leawood, KS

Artist / Medium

Ilun Averbuch / Granite and steel


Dedicated October 20, 2009


City of Leawood

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