World War I and World War II Memorial

Charles Denver Barger

The Blue Springs Cemetery includes a memorial that honors WWI and WWII veterans. There are four WWI veterans listed on the memorial that died in the War. There is also a gravestone monument for Charles Denver Barger, a WWI veteran from Blue Springs who survived the war and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his valor. Only three Missouri veterans who served in that War received the Medal of Honor and Charles was the only one from the KC metro area. Though he returned home and lived another 18 years, he suffered like many others from the physical and emotional damage done by the war. In that, he represents the many veterans whose deaths may not officially be counted as ‘war deaths but whose lives after the Armistice were affected, and often shortened, by the war.

The Blue Springs Daughters of the American Revolution have honored WWI Veterans throughout the years with various celebrations.


Blue Springs Cemetery, 2800 SW Walnut Road, Blue Springs, MO


Birth – June 3rd, 1892
Death – November 25th, 1936

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