World renown artist Albert Paley created this monumental artwork out of stainless steel in 2013. It is seventeen feet tall, thirteen feet wide and five feet in depth and weighs four tons. It was originally unveiled as part of the “Paley on Park Avenue: New York City” exhibition, that featured thirteen Paley works, in June 2013 and was located on the north side of 59th Street and Park Avenue for the remainder of 2013. The City of Leawood acquired the piece in 2014 and placed it at its current location as the centerpiece of the sculpture park along Tomahawk Creek Parkway. Albert Paley attended the dedication ceremony in April 2015.

Movement is implied through gesture and balance. Paley’s intention is that the sculpture reflects dynamism, stressing alterability and change. Complexity and attention to detail are fundamental in all of his work. The closer one approaches; the sculpture slowly reveals itself.


Tomahawk Creek Parkway and W 115th Street, Leawood, KS

Artist / Medium

Albert Paley / Stainless steel


Constructed 2013; Installed in Leawood, October 2014; Dedicated April 2015


City of Leawood

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