Twisting Steel Ribbon

Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard and E 35th Street, Kansas City, MO

KCMO Parks & Rec

Steven Kline


This is an abstract work consisting of a twisted steel tube attached to a large steel dish, which is 6.5 feet in diameter. The tube is painted red, yellow, green and blue while the dish is painted yellow. The steel tube is twisted and painted to represent a ribbon that has fallen to the ground. There are also several black steel shapes placed under the ribbon.

The sculpture was obtained through an agreement between the City of Kansas City and the Kansas City Art Institute to place student work in the medians of the city’s boulevards.

It is located in the median of Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard about a block north of the intersection with E 35th Street. There is a little connector street between the two directions of traffic just north of the sculptures. Some maps refer to this connector street as part of Van Brunt Boulevard.