Triple Blome

Swope Soccer Village, 6310 Lewis Road, Kansas City, MO

KCMO Parks & Rec

Jake Balcom

Mettle Design

September 2014

September 12, 2014

Aluminum and steel

Artist used the geometry of the soccer ball, or the truncated icosahedron (aka “Bucky Ball”), as the base for each sculpture. The base shape was reconfigured into three distinct metal sculptures. The sculpture’s base form was inspired by its location at a soccer complex.

Located in the South Plaza of the Swope Soccer Park, each sculpture is situated on top of a 10 ft. tall steel post. The transparency of the sculptures creates unique shadows that move across the plaza over the course of the day, enhancing the visual elements of both the sculptures and the adjoining plaza.

This sculpture is part of The City of Kansas City’s 1% for Art Program.