Three Figures/Fifteen Elements

Kansas City International Airport, 1 International Square, Kansas City, MO

City of Kansas City, MO

Joel Shapiro



This series of sculptural works welcomes travelers to and from the airport. They show a transition from motionless to motion. Each sculpture metamorphoses into an animated figurative form when viewed from different perspectives. The limb-like blocks act as a metaphor for the human experience.

These three sculptures are located in the median along Cookingham Drive between Paris Street and Bern Street at Kansas City International Airport. They range in height from about 7′ to about 25′ tall. Each element is about 2′ square and vary in length from 7 to 10 feet. The west sculpture and east sculptures are about 1000 feet apart and the middle sculpture is about 250 feet from the west sculpture.

Part of the City of Kansas City’s One Percent for the Arts Program.