The Wagon Master

Intercontinental Hotel, 401 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO

The Intercontinental Hotel

L. E. "Gus" Shafer

Dedicated September 8, 1973

Bronze (sculpture), limestone (base)

The City of Fountains Foundation holds an endowment for this sculpture.

The Wagon Master is a larger-than-life figure of a wagon train leader. The man is attired in western clothing and sitting on a horse with a gun placed across the saddle. He is pointing in a westerly direction. The sculpture sits on top of a large limestone rock and is surrounded by smaller rocks, small trees, brush and plants. The artist, Gus Shafer, used his own face as a model.

The sculpture was a gift of Catherine and Miller Nichols, their daughters, and Gus Shafer. It was dedicated on September 8, 1973. At the base of the statue is a button-activated recording which tells the story of The Wagon Master and also the Battle of Westport.