The River

The River

Every Kansas City police officer has an eagle on the crest of their badge. As it turns out, the Missouri River supports many areas of winter eagle concentrations – more than any place in the United States other than Alaska. With that in mind, the artist mapped the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Louis, over the campus of the Kansas City Police Academy and the nearby Shoal Creek Patrol Station.

Starting with bronze inlays at the entry of the Patrol Station, the river runs across a plaza in front of the station and through the parking lot and the lawn in front of the Police Academy. In front of the station, a limestone eagle watches over the river and plaza while five eagles, two of bronze and three of limestone, watches over the river in front of the academy. Outdoor seating areas at both locations feature eagles as well.


Kansas City Police Academy/Shoal Creek Patrol Station, 6885 NE Pleasant Valley Road, Kansas City, MO

Artist / Medium

Wopo Holup / Bronze, limestone and stainless steel




City of Kansas City, MO

On the lawn of the academy, the river was originally made of limestone blocks, but time and the elements were taking their toll on the blocks. In the summer of 2015, the limestone blocks were replaced by stainless steel plates cast in the same shape as the original river.

Part of the City of Kansas City’s One Percent for the Arts Program

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