The Hiker

The Hiker

The Hiker stands south of the Liberty Memorial in the grassy area between Wyandotte Street and a parking lot. It memorializes the veterans of the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection and the China Relief Expedition and represents the typical uniform a soldier wore during these events. An American soldier in the early twentieth century was referred to as a “Hiker.” This sculpture, Theo Alice Ruggles Kitson, is one of several Hiker statues she did. They are placed throughout the United States.

The inscription is on the front of the base while the logo for United Spanish War Veterans appears on both the east and west sides of the base.


Penn Valley Park, Wyandotte Street and Kessler Road/Memorial Drive, Kansas City, MO 

Artist / Medium

Theo Alice Ruggles Kitson / Bronze (sculpture), and granite (base)


Dedicated November 9, 1947


KCMO Parks & Recreation Department

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