St. Michael the Archangel: Defender of the Faith

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish, 14201 Nall Avenue, Leawood, KS

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish

Kirk St. Maur


Bronze (sculpture), stone with granite plaques (base)

A bronze statue of St. Michael the Archangel on top of a stone base is in the middle of a courtyard between the church and the school at the St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish at the intersection of Nall and 143rd Street.

The statue depicts St. Michael standing at the ready. His wings are outstretched, as if he is ready to take flight. He wears a breastplate and a Roman-style skirt. He holds a sword in his left hand. He is just over nine feet tall and stands atop a stone-tiled hexangonal base that is just over seven feet tall. There are granite plaques on the north and south faces of the base, one telling the name and date of the sculpture and the other plaque is dedicatory in nature.