The artist, Beth Nybeck, designed “Sprout” with an element of growth and community at its heart. Olathe is a dynamic town composed of growth, education and commerce. The design is made up of numerous pieces. Each piece, while being unique, depends upon all the other pieces in the sculpture. This is not unlike the City of Olathe and each piece represents different people and aspects of the community, but they all rely on each other to form that community. The semi-circular movement represents and emulates community, family and the cycles of giving and renewal.

The sculpture acts as a gateway to downtown Olathe and also serves as a place of rest and relaxation. This monumental work is 20 feet tall and 10 feet across at its widest point. It is across the street to the east from Civic Center Park on the southeast corner of the intersection of Santa Fe and Water Streets.


E Santa Fe Street and N Water Street, Olathe, KS

Artist / Medium

Beth Nybeck / Stainless steel


2013; Dedicated April 25, 2014


City of Olathe

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