Sovereign Wings

Sovereign Wings

A bronze sculpture of a bald eagle sits on a segmental limestone pedestal surrounded by a limestone wall with vertical granite slabs. The granite slabs are inscribed with the names of over 400 veterans from Clay County killed in action since the Civil War. Names are added as necessary. Engraved bricks in the pavement display the names of other service personnel and/or donors who contributed to the construction of the memorial.

The Clay County Veterans Memorial Committee raised private funds to build the memorial and manages the maintenance of it. The memorial is in Anita B. Gorman Park, east of the Northland Fountain.


Anita B. Gorman Park, NE Vivion Road and N Holmes Street, Kansas City, MO

Artist / Medium

Sandy Scott / Bronze, granite, limestone and brick


October 30, 2005


City of Kansas City, Missouri

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