Sleeping Child

Country Club Plaza, W 47th Street and Broadway Boulevard, Kansas City, MO

Country Club Plaza KC Partners LLC

Ferdinando Andreini (original), Paul McGovney (replacement)

Original dedicated 1963; Replacement installed 1995


AKA Tranquility in Innocence A Sleeping Child

A marble sculpture of a sleeping child has been in the west median at the intersection of 47th and Broadway since 1963.

The original marble entitled simply “Sleeping Child” was by Italian sculptor Ferdinando Andreini, who lived 1843 to 1922. It was placed in the median at 47th and Broadway and dedicated in 1963. Unfortunately, in 1994, a car struck the sculpture and damaged it beyond repair and it had to be removed. The original plaque read as follows:


An original figure by Andreini of

Florence, Italy. A child completely

relaxed in the sleep of the innocent and

the just, while her lovely head rests lightly on her arm

Acquired by Miller Nichols and

dedicated to the Plaza in


Artist Paul McGovney created a marble sculpture very similar to the original. McGovney’s sculpture is entitled “Tranquility in Innocence A Sleeping Child.” It was installed at the same location in 1995.