Skate: A Metaphysical Park

Skate: A Metaphysical Park

The artist wanted to combine the physical and cerebral elements of creativity into a single work. The skateboards represent the physical element of creativity while the computer keyboards represent the cerebral element. Together, the physical and cerebral elements unite the mind-body duality. The two forms used also reference two forms of surfing and the artist wanted to make the sculptures fun and be something to which the young people who use the park, and the skate park in particular, could relate in the form of art. 

The three sculptures were created using castings of skateboards and computer keyboards. Each sculpture sits atop a concrete pedestal. They are all located near the entrance to the Granada Park Skate Park.


Granada Park, W 51st Street and Granada Street, Roeland Park, KS

Artist / Medium

Hugh Merrill / Bronze


Dedicated October 10, 2004


City of Roeland Park

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