Run Red Run

Run Red Run

Venezuelan artist Jorge Blanco is known for his vibrant sculptures using primary colors to stand out against the landscape. His works are full of joy, optimism and humor to entertain the viewer.

The City of Leawood commissioned Blanco to create works to celebrate the athletic endeavors that take place at Leawood City Park. This work and its companion piece, “For the Goal,” are the results of that commission. “Run Red Run” is towards the east end of Leawood City Park near one of the parks shelters there and the soccer field. It represents the sheer joy of children running around while playing. When the two sculptures were unveiled, the children participating in Leawood’s spring soccer program participated in naming the sculptures.


Leawood City Park, 10601 Lee Boulevard, Leawood, KS

Artist / Medium

Jorge Blanco / Powder-coated aluminum


Dedicated April 18, 2009


City of Leawood

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