Rebirth Kansas City

Rebirth Kansas City

On the northeast side of Barney Allis Plaza near the intersection of 12th and Wyandotte sits the Rebirth of Kansas City sculpture. A rather whimsical piece of art, this bronze sculpture sits inside a concrete circle and features a turtle with a sampling growing on its back. Sitting within the tree branches you’ll find a birdhouse and an owl perched high above while a confused dog sits and watches this unusual creation. Look closely and you’ll find a lizard climbing up the tree.

The growth of this tree represents the rebirth of Kansas City while the birdhouse represents the people, and the owl represents birds flying through the city.


Barney Allis Plaza, W 12th Street and Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, MO

Artist / Medium

Frank Fleming / Bronze


November 1995


City of Kansas City, MO

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