Putto 2x2x4

300 W 12th Street, Kansas City, MO

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Michael Rees


Steel, fiberglass, Luminore iron skin

Part of artist Michael Rees’ Putto series. This amorphous, abstract form looks like an otherworldly creature that is based off a computer animation created by the artist. It is a form that is playful and ever changing. It challenges the viewer to try to figure out what exactly they are looking at and which end is actually up. It looks like it is all legs and fingers and that it could just decide to walk away down the street at any moment.

The sculpture was purchased by the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art through a gift by the DST Systems, Inc. It is located next to the Folly Theatre and DST Systems’ parking garage on W 12th Street, across the street from the Kansas City Convention Center. The sculpture is 18 feet tall. There used to be a 6-foot by 9-foot video screen on the wall behind the sculpture that showed the video below but it has since been removed leaving the sculpture’s movements to one’s imagination.