Colonial Court Fountain

Colonial Court Fountain

On 59th Street, from Oakwood Road to Overhill Road, there is a long linear park known as Colonial Court. The Colonial Court Fountain sits at the east end of this park. It is believed that the fountain was hand-carved sometime during the 19th century. The J.C. Nichols Company purchased the fountain from an art dealer in Lynch, New York.

The fountain is made of two types of marble, Carrera and creme perla, while the pool is made of rough-hewn stone. However, this is not the original fountain. Unfortunately, it has been hit by vehicles at least a couple of times. The upper basin has been destroyed on two occasions. The pool has also been destroyed or severely damaged more than once. In 1989, the fountain underwent a restoration. A new upper basin made of creme perla marble replaced a concrete birdbath-style basin, which had replaced the original marble basin, and a new pool was built. The original upper basin was decorated with lions’ heads and an artichoke-shaped finial.


W 59th Street and Oakwood Road, Mission Hills, KS

Designer / Artist

Edward Buehler Delk


Installed 1920s, Restored 1989


City of Mission Hills

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