Chinese Lions

Chinese Lions

AKA Ti and Wei, Stone Lions

These two marble lions flank the top of the steps at the 12th Street entrance to Kansas City Hall. The lion on the east is Ti and the lion on the west is Wei. They were a gift from the Republic of China (Taiwan) in response to hospitality received by the Republic’s Vice President in charge of Economic Affairs at a trade show held in Kansas City in May 1976. They were carved in Hualien, Taiwan’s marble capital.

The two identical lions are seated and are approximately 5 feet tall. Horizontally across the chest of each lion is a belt or sash off which ornaments hang. They both bear the same inscription, Ti, on the east, bears the inscription in Chinese, while Wei, on the west, bears the same inscription but in English. In Chinese philosophy, these lions serve as guardians to ward off evil spirits.


Kansas City City Hall, 414 E 12th Street, Kansas City, MO

Artist / Medium

Unknown / Grey marble


Dedicated December 29, 1976


City of Kansas City, MO

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