Armour Center Fountain

Armour Center Fountain

This fountain was a gift from the J.C. Nichols Company to commemorate the opening of the Armour Hills subdivision. It may have been designed to be a companion piece to the Romanelli Island Fountain just west of this location across Brookside and Wornall.

The fountain consists of a sculpture on a pedestal in the center of a square basin in the middle of a pool in the shape of a barbed quatrefoil. The base and basins are made of cast concrete while the statue base, which doubles as a saucer, is made of marble.

The original sculpture was a Carrara marble statue of two children and an eagle that was purchased in Venice. It was vandalized and had to be removed in 1954. The current bronze sculpture replaced the original. It shows a young boy with a small bird sitting on his left shoulder. A goose stands beneath him with its head stretched upward and a stream of water issues from out of the end of its beak.


W 69th Street, Brookside Road and Edgevale Road, Kansas City, MO

Designer / Artist


Original fountain dedicated April 24, 1924; sculpture replaced 1954


Armour Hills Homes Association

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