Abraham Lincoln and His Son, Tad

Abraham Lincoln and His Son, Tad

Abraham Lincoln and His Son Tad sit on the south plaza of City Hall in downtown Kansas City. It is 10 feet tall and weighs approximately 2500 pounds. Abraham is sitting in a chair holding a book and gazing lovingly at his son Tad who is standing at his knee. Tad is looking back at his father while holding a hat in his left hand.

The sculpture was a result of a community-wide effort led by Orville W. Anderson, a retired insurance salesman, civic volunteer, political activist and fan of Abraham Lincoln, who raised almost $140,000 to commission the sculpture. Funds were solicited and collected from trusts, foundations, corporations and individuals. Included in the commission was an endowment for future maintenance.


Kansas City Hall, 414 E 12th Street, Kansas City, MO

Artist / Medium

Lorenzo Ghiglieri / Bronze (sculpture), Granite (base)


Commissioned 1983, Installed 1986, Dedicated September 16, 1986


City of Kansas City, MO

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