Restless Recovery

Pink Hill Park, 2715 NW Park Drive, Blue Springs, MO

City of Blue Springs

Beth Nybeck

2009; Purchased by Blue Springs, 2010; Dedicated April 2, 2013

Aluminum (sculpture), black granite (base)

This aluminum piece reminds one of a flame or blades of grass. Created by Beth Nybeck in 2009, it was first displayed in Blue Springs as part of their temporary exhibition titled “Time in Place” during the spring and summer of 2010. The City of Blue Springs decided to purchase the piece in October 2010. It was originally displayed on a concrete pedestal at ground level.

When the City of Blue Springs decided to build the Veteran’s Way Memorial in Pink Hill Park, they made “Restless Recovery” a part of it. They placed the sculpture on top of an eight-foot tall black granite pedestal in the middle of a small circular plaza flanked by shrubbery and benches. The Veteran’s Way Memorial was formally dedicated on April 2, 2013 to the sacrifice, courage, and valor of all veterans who served our nation.