Meyer Circle Sea Horse Fountain

Purchased by J. C. Nichols in Venice, Italy in the early 1920s – the sculpture dates back to the 1700s – the fountain is named for the three mythological sea horses perched atop the stone pyramid. The horses support a fluted saucer which has a carved lion’s head which spouts water as the saucer fills. The middle tier has three cherubs holding an identical smaller saucer. On top of that saucer is a sculpture of another cherub holding a fish with water coming out of the fish’s mouth. The original statue had a child riding a dolphin but vandalism forced the Park Board to change to the saucer top in 1960. The Sculpture is atop a stone base approx. 30′ high. The entire fountain and statuary was refurbished in 1992.


Ward Parkway and W Meyer Boulevard, Kansas City, MO



Dedicated 1925; Repaired and renovated 2015-2017, Re-dedicated October 25, 2017


KCMO Parks & Recreation Department

In 2015, this fountain was taken out of service when continual flooding into the vault containing its pump and electrical equipment rendered it inoperable. Funds for the million-dollar renovations were raised in part by the City of Fountains Foundation and a neighborhood alliance headed by David Fowler. The fountain was repaired and now boasts a new vault, new plumbing, new lighting, and a repaired basin.

The fountain was re-dedicated on October 25, 2017. The Meyer Circle Sea Horse Fountain is one of Kansas City’s most popular and most visible fountains. Located in the traffic circle at Ward Parkway and Meyer Boulevard, nearly 40,000 vehicles pass by the fountain every day. It is a treasured part of the Ward Parkway corridor and it is good to have it running again.

The City of Fountains Foundation holds an endowment for this fountain.

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