Court of Lions East Fountain

On the exterior of the former Hall’s Building are these two fountains facing Ward Parkway. One is near the southwest corner of the building and the other is near the southeast corner. The fountains both have high arches of various “Moorish” design and half-circle basins at the bottom. The lions are made out of basalt and have water spouts in their mouths. Water streams from the lions’ mouths into their basins. At the top of the arch on the fountain on the west has a figure of a man that might remind one of a 18th century Englishman or Quaker. The arch on the fountain on the east has a plaque that might remind one of Egyptian hieroglyphs or illustrations. The fountains are said to have been inspired by the Alhambra Court of Lions Fountain in Seville, Spain.


Country Club Plaza, Ward Parkway between Central Street and Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, MO



Dedicated 1965


Country Club Plaza KC Partners LLC

There used to be a third lion fountain on the west face of the building near the northwest corner facing Central Street. When Hall’s left the building, the building underwent a major remodeling. Part of the building was turned into a parking garage. When the Apple Store moved in, the third lion was removed.