The City of Fountains Foundation (COFF) was established in 1973 by Hallmark Cards executive Harold Rice and his wife, Peggy, following a trip to Rome, Italy. While visiting, the Rices noticed several fountains broken and in complete disrepair. Concerned for the funding and maintenance of Kansas City’s fountains, they soon established the City of Fountains Foundation as a 501c3.

The Foundation’s goal is to manage public and private donations, generate financial support for ongoing maintenance costs, and to increase public awareness about the significance and importance of Kansas City’s fountains.

In March 1974, the Kansas City, Missouri City Council approved a resolution to endorse the City of Fountains Foundation. The board of directors, in partnership with the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department, work together to operate and maintain Kansas City Missouri’s 47 historic and publicly-owned fountains and sculptures.

Founding board members were Harold B. Rice, Charles A. Garney, James P. Kirk, William E. Reno, Eugene C. Hall, Robert J. Wharton, Anita B. Gorman, George W. Hawley, Jeannette Lee, Frank Vaydik, and Jerry Darter.

The Foundation’s plan gained popularity and soon the effort was launched by a resolution signed by Mayor Charles B. Wheeler, Jr., on March 9, 1974.  In 1977, the Foundation’s initial fountain was given to the city of Kansas City, Missouri.

Board of Directors

David Schwartz, President
Jim Fitzpatrick, Vice President
Douglas Coe, Secretary
David Seay, Treasurer
Jocelyn Ball-Edson
Cameron Brookfield
Charles Cassias Jr.
Ralph Caro
Thalia Cherry
Carl DiCapo
Jonathan Dilly
Pat Dunn
Anita B. Gorman
Mark McHenry
David P. Ross
Joan Shields
Alexis Webb-Bechtold
Peggy J. Farrell, Executive Assistant

Advisory Board Members
Roosevelt Lyons (Acting Director, KCMO Parks & Recreation)
K. Christy Cubbage (KCMO Municipal Art Commission)
James H. Bernard Jr.
David Fowler
Anne Garney
Charles A. Garney
Ollie Gates
Eugene C. Hall
Philip A. Jones
Michael H. Malyn
Pat O’Neill
Linda D. Ward

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